Do you just want to lend a hand and help and support other students and the university - then the AStA is the right place for you!

Unfortunately, there is not the desired position available that you would have liked to take on at the AStA? No problem! We always need helping hands at our various events and projects. Just contact us by e-mail, we are looking forward to any reinforcement in our team. Or just talk to us - in a relaxed and informal way, come directly to the AStA office in Offenburg B020 or in the monastery in Gengenbach 208!


Helpers wanted!

We can always use hardworking helpers. If you need support for special events, you can find the upcoming events directly in the calendar. But also initiative requests are always welcome. So if you have time and want to help, please contact us at or come by our AStA office B20 (Offenburg) and Kloster 208 (Gengenbach).