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Dresses exchange party

Aktuelles Event Kleidertauschparty

Dresses exchange party


Unfortunately, you have missed the dress exchange party? Oh no! But do not be sad, here are some retrospectives on the successful event.

What did you expect at the party?

Music, drinks, fun and new used clothes.

Why change clothes right now?

Because sharing is caring.

By the exchange of clothes you get new clothes. You will lose your old clothes that you no longer wear, save money and do something for the environment at the same time. Sounds perfect!

How did that work?

You had to sort out up to ten different parts, but they still had to be in good condition and brought them to the party. For each part you got corresponding points for the one – new – used clothes could exchange.

What was exchanged?

Clean, well-preserved clothing of the same quality expected by others. A small note: no underwear, socks or shoes were exchanged.

What happened to the rest of the clothes?

The AStA has donated all remaining clothes to a non-profit organization.

Here you will find a gallery with insights into our very first DRESSING EXCHANGE PARTY