Aktuelles Event Blutspende

Blood donation


Each semester, a blood donation takes place at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. You can just be part of it. You do not know if you are eligible for donations or you have never been in a blood donation? No problem, which requirements you have to fulfill for the blood donation you can learn here.

What you need to know about the donation

In order to qualify as a blood donor, a person must meet certain criteria. These are mostly about taking certain medications, body weight and physical health.

You should ask yourself these questions before a blood donation:

  • Are you between 18 and 68 years old?
  • Do you weigh more than 50 kilograms?
  • Is your last blood donation back at least eight weeks?
  • Is your last stay abroad long enough?
  • Have not you had a tattoo, piercing or permanent make-up in the past four months?
  • Are you sick of any infectious disease?
  • Have you had no major surgery in the past four months?
  • Is your last vaccination already 8 weeks back?

If you can answer all questions with yes, then go to the blood donation. Above all, you should make sure that you have your identity card with you, otherwise you are not allowed to donate. Equally important is that you are healthy on the day you want to donate blood. Also make sure you have had enough to eat and drink before.

More information and information about donating blood, you can find on the website of the Red Cross, as well as a small online test, whether you can donate blood.